We love motivated, strong, passionate young people. And Choose Your Attitude is always looking for amazing people to join our team. We know that small choices make a big difference and that you have the power to be that change. When you’re ready, hit that little button below to get the ballrolling and embrace a new beginning! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Want to intern with us?

Choose Your Attitude is always looking and creating opportunities for hungry, and motivated individuals looking for a chance into the e-commerce industry. We believe that everyone has a story, everyone gets a chance to start somewhere.

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Social Media Managers

Social Media Managers would be responsible for interacting with customers on various social media platforms to build connections and encourage sales, and constantly analyze Choose Your Attitude's digital marketing plan to identify weaknesses and develop solutions.

Apparel Product Buyer

Apparel Product Buyers' primary goal is to search for products and sources for the Choose Your Attitude brand (while keeping on brand + message) to help elevate our products from the buyer's perspective.


Manufacturers would be responsible for taking blank materials and assembling designs, or elevate current designs if needed.

Brand Influencers

Brand Influencers would be responsible for keeping up with social media trends  while possessing a strong social media following and including Choose Your Attitude in their messaging/branding/marketing. Brand Influencers also will research the Choose Your Attitude brand to represent our community both accurately and honestly.

eCommerce Web Developers

eCommerce Web Developers would be responsible for creating a customer-friendly shopping experience with their web designs, as well as uphold the messaging of Choose Your Attitude.

Marketing Managers

Marketing Managers would manage and coordinate the marketing and creative teams' roles and responsibilities. Our Marketing Managers also help lead market research to discover the best ways of reaching our customers.


Models would be responsible for holding poses for long periods of time, perform outfit changes without damaging clothing, follow photographers' direction, and present an optimistic front that represents the Choose Your Attitude team to the nth degree.


Photographers would be responsible for researching our products + our competitors to best capture our materials to sell to customers, as well as utilize editing software (including proficiency in Photoshop), communicate effectively with the marketing and branding teams, and uphold Choose Your Attitude's brand and message.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are responsible for maintaining and building the look of a company, which includes putting together graphics that share our message as well as our products. This will be a partnership with the marketing team to determine the needs and the message that should be expressed. 

eCommerce Project Manager

ECommerce Project Managers will help at Choose Your Attitude stay on task when it comes to stock and available products, and will create/alter data tracking services when needed, as well as resolve technical issues that may arise in the tracking process. 

Public Relations

Public Relations members would make sure Choose Your Attitude's messaging comes across clear to our audience, through all of our social media posts, merchandise, marketing, communications, and interactions.

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