Marketing Managers

Marketing Managers

As a Marketing Manager, you are responsible for creating and putting into action a plan that will help guide our entire organization. Your plan and voice will help us gain new customers interested in the Choose Your Attitude brand and lifestyle. In addition, you will help ensure that all current and new customers hear our message through our various marketing channels. Each day, you would manage and coordinate the marketing and creative teams' roles and responsibilities. Our Marketing Managers also help lead market research to discover the best ways of reaching our customers.

Our ideal candidate would:

  • Have extraordinary verbal and written communication, share plans, feedback, and direction with our teams.
  • Understand traditional markets as well as emerging markets to understand best where Choose Your Attitude fits in.
  • Think creatively and innovatively to bring something new to the table.
  • Budget time and money well to get the most out of our marketing plan.
  • Utilize professional judgment and discretion that comes from your prior experience in the marketing world.
  • Analyze skill forecasts to help identify trends and challenges that are applicable to Choose Your Attitude.
  • Develop and maintain familiarity with current trends, technology, and methods in designing marketing materials, web design, and production.

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