At Choose Your Attitude, our models give off the positive energy our brand represents. They present an optimistic front that represents our community well. We are looking forward to hiring talented models to participate in photoshoots and ads representing Choose Your Attitude. If you are someone who can build strong relationships with photographers, directors, our fashion coordinators, and other models, we would love to talk to you!

Our ideal candidate would:

  • Be able to hold various poses for long periods of time.
  • Perform outfit changes without damaging the clothing.
  • Show flexibility and be comfortable working in different weather conditions.
  • Follow the directions of photographers.
  • Participate in advertisements and advertising as needed.
  • Attend trade shows as a brand representative to advertise products.
  • Maintain your portfolio that includes updated work.
  • Research Choose Your Attitude’s fashion, community, and brand to model appropriately for the brand.

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