One of the best ways we can share our products with customers is through photos. We are looking for photographers who know how to capture the life and energy of a product so that we can sell our message as well as our product. We hope to find photographers who look at their work as a craft and constantly seek to become even more skilled, talented artists.

Our ideal candidate would:

  • Research ​​Choose Your Attitude and our products and competitors to understand how they can best approach a photograph of the item.
  • Discover new and innovative props that frit the ​​Choose Your Attitude brand to make our products really pop.
  • If necessary, find models whose image and energy suit ​​Choose Your Attitude's brand and message.
  • Utilize editing software to exchange our images to reflect our products honestly and positively.
  • Stay up to date on the newest advances in photography technology and the landscape of photography editing.
  • Be proficient in Photoshop.
  • Have previous professional experience as a product photographer.
  • Communicate effectively between the marketing and branding teams.

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