Life is a Marathon, Not a Sprint
Our goals become the long course that we run, and our small changes amount...
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Choose to Be an Ally and Advocate During Women’s History Month
This month in particular is an important opportunity to reset our perspective and make purposeful...
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Affirmations & Self-Love Mottos to 'Choose Your Attitude' Throughout the Day

Stay focused and set concrete intentions with this empowering schedule of attitude affirmations. 

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Instilling Self-Confidence: Emotional ‘Trust Falls’ for Inner Faith
By starting small and creating safe opportunities to explore the edges of your comfort zone,...
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Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving
Trade in the gifts that could break for gifts that will last. Tis the season...
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Tis the Year of Having an Attitude of Gratitude
This season of gratitude is a reminder of how it can impact our attitudes. Even...
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Finding the You Behind the Mask

Over the last year and a half, we’ve sported a variety of masks...

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Time Hacks for Busy Lives
You may not be able to always be balanced, but each day, you can...
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MAY Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month - Shop + Give
As a way to honor Brianna's amazing strength, and honor Cystic Fibrosis Awareness, Choose Your...
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What would happen if you allowed yourself to be happy this season? - Ben Valdez
I’m sure many of you are struggling with finding the joy and happiness during...
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Choose Your Attitude Partners with LEVL Up Fest to Support the Live Event Industry
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The Book "Loving Someone Who Is Dying" Launches
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We founded Choose Your Attitude to turn fashion from a status symbol into a positive means of community empowerment. Our apparel and gear are designed for a greater mission: revealing our best selves and our innovative spirit so we can pursue our true purpose. We believe in more than looking good. You deserve to feel good in what you wear — and not just because it's stylish. Your style is an affirmation of your self-esteem, an opportunity to live with intention and embrace your potential. We challenge you to Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life... so we can transform for the better, together.
Nicholas Strand, Founder

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