eCommerce Web Developers

eCommerce Web Developers

Like any other company today, Choose Your Attitude offers customers an online shopping experience. As an eCommerce web developer, your responsibilities are to help maintain this online experience. You will work with the rest of the design team to establish a design that suits our messaging at Choose Your Attitude. One of your primary areas of focus will be to help customers purchase goods from our website. If the web design is too complicated, it could make it difficult for customers to make purchases. Your job will be to get in the mind of our fabulous customers to make their online shopping experience successful and enjoyable.

Our ideal candidate would:

  • Have a degree in web design or a similar field.
  • Enjoy learning new coding language to make our web tools even better.
  • Be familiar with the tools you need to help create an outstanding web design experience.
  • Build, optimize, and maintain an attractive and helpful website.
  • Communicate openly and easily with the entire web developer team.
  • Perform regular audits of the website and other web tools.

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