Social Media Managers

The world lives on Social Media. We know this! Everyone from tweens to adults and even grandparents uses social media. It’s a great place to build connections between communities and also find potential customers. So, to help grow and maintain our brand, we are looking for an awesome Social Media Manager who can help take our work to the next level.

Our ideal candidate would:

  • Utilize social media platforms to create and maintain the Choose Your Attitude voice and brand.
  • Work with our marketing team to develop social media campaigns throughout the year
  • Interact with customers on various social media platforms to build connections and encourage sales
  • Constantly analyze Choose Your Attitude’s use of our digital marketing plan and strategy to identify weaknesses in our brand and develop solutions.
  • Remain up to date on the current social media trends that may be relevant to ​​Choose Your Attitude.
  • Set and follow up on targets for our social media campaigns.
  • Have experience maintaining social media accounts for retail companies.
  • Be comfortable working with new tools and technology.
  • Understand the various social media platforms and how they could reach different customers on each platform.

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