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The Choose Your Attitude® podcast is a source of inspiration and motivation for many, fueled by real stories from real people who have struggled with real challenges. Each podcast — and show guest — reminds you that no matter the challenge, you hold the power of perspective, allowing it to shift your attitude from being held down by the impossible to being propelled with the possible. No struggle is too big to impact the small choice you make of your attitude on how you approach it, all in turn creating a life you choose to live!

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Welcome to the Choose Your Attitude® YouTube Channel where we take the Premium Encouragement to a whole new level! Visually enhancing our community with videos to embrace, inspire and motivate all walks of life! Here you will see inspirational videos, Choose Your Attitude™ Testimonials, Videos from the Choose Your Attitude™ Podcast, inspirationals videos from the Brianna the inspiration behind Choose Your Attitude™ and so much more! We are adding content often, and the best way to keep up to date is Subscribe! Visit YouTube

Choose Your Attitude podcast reviews

Erin Gruwell
"I was humbled by Nicholas and Brianna’s tragic story of love and loss, so it was my honor to take part in the Choose Your Attitude Podcast. Brianna’s story is heartbreaking, but can act as a guide for anyone looking to create their own destiny. Nicholas’ determination to turn his pain into purpose proves that even in the face of adversity, the human spirit cannot be broken."
Motha B
Nicholas pours his heart into this, and the spirit of his wife living on through him. A beautiful tribute.
Deano Brown - Violinist for Tim McGraw
"This podcast comes at a perfect time in our world. When we need a little good news a smile or just a simple laugh. Nick’s story is amazing and he has turned his life experiences into this motivating, informative, and inspiring podcast. Do yourself a favor, subscribe and join the movement. Choose to look at life’s ups and downs through “gratitude goggles”
John Sardella - Author of "Journey without a Map"
"Nick’s podcast is real and provides a true perspective on losing a love one. He connects with his guest and brings out an understanding that even through loss, there’s hope. As a past guest, I felt a strong connection to Nick and left inspired."
Ashley Chris - Listener
"If you are looking for something this is motivating, inspirational, moving, or just want to hear something from a different perspective then this podcast is for you. Nick isnt afraid to dive right in and get comfortable in the uncomfortable. Beware this podcast may challange your way of thinking and inspire you to become a better person."


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