Podcast Episode 022: Marcie Keithley & the Shoebox of Purpose

Podcast Episode 022: Marcie Keithley & the Shoebox of Purpose

We all have secrets. Truths that are too painful to face.

Marcie J. Keithley, Author of "The Shoebox Effect: Transforming Pain into Fortitude and Purpose," knows this all too well as she, herself, attempted to put all of her past worries into a proverbial (and literal!) shoebox. Just waiting for the time when she would have the strength to examine and process them.

The reality, though, is that the only way to move forward in life is to face your past head on.

Her book chronicles her journey of opening her "shoebox" and learning how to navigate loss, grief, divorce, death, adoption, and all of life's adversities, and transform them into fortitude and purpose.

An accomplished professional, speaker, writer, and emotional resilience coach, Marcie is amazing guest to have on any podcast. Full of hope, even in the face of challenge.

She has made it her life's mission to be open and honest with her personal story, in hoping to give others the permission release their own pain that they carry, and move forward with purpose.

Here's our chat. 

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