Mar 02, 22

Podcast Episode 019: GMadison Brings Power to Perspective in "Invincible"

GMadison is a world renowned dancer, choreographer, and instructor.

His work has been seen on some of the largest stages in the world and he just finished up touring with Mariah Carey this last year.

Most recently, GMadison and his wife, singer & songwriter Chenelle, put together a beautiful and inspiring music video for Chenelle's song "Invincible," which focuses on how society has grown accustomed to labeling individuals before anyone even understands someone's true perspective.

We all have different journeys of course, and throughout our lives, certain experiences and events can unfortunately become triggers for us. It could be anything from racial divides, sexual harassment, or a myriad of other experiences and traumas.

GMadison and Chenelle encourage others to stop and listen, understand before judging, and only then can we truly uncover and comprehend someone's perspective.

Here's our chat. 

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