Instilling Self-Confidence: Emotional ‘Trust Falls’ for Inner Faith

Instilling Self-Confidence: Emotional ‘Trust Falls’ for Inner Faith

This year, we’re committing to positive changes and a life-changing attitude shift. But still… uncertainty can dull your spark with the shadow of self-doubt. Let’s overcome it with practice! By starting small and creating safe opportunities to explore the edges of your comfort zone, you’ll build the confidence to jump (and fall!) when it matters most.

Taking chances can be scary, but you are more powerful and capable than you know! Match that strength with unshakeable self-belief and inner faith. Before we plan the jump, we imagine the fall. What are the risks? What’s the worst-case scenario? Do I have the resources, strength, and resilience to bounce back if things don’t work out?

You’re probably no stranger to the idea of a trust fall – the classic team building exercise that forces one person to put their fate in the hands of strangers or colleagues. The ‘faller’ has to be vulnerable; the ‘catchers’ have to step up and pull their weight.

Are you ready to play both roles? These five emotional ‘trust fall’ activities teach you how to catch yourself with confidence.


  1. Menu of Opportunity. Ordering and eating at a restaurant is a simple, everyday activity, and you’ve already mastered the social script. Let’s switch it up. Are you capable of masking insecurities, adapting to unknowns, and explaining your objectives? Absolutely! Prove it to yourself by asking the waiter to pick your meal for you, then roll with whatever comes next.
  2. Low-Stress Request. It takes a lot of courage to advocate for yourself. Whether you’re communicating your value or standing up for your limits, those ‘big’ conversations can feel overwhelming. Choose a practice opportunity (one that isn’t make-or-break!) and ask for what you need – like a day off or extra help. Then you’ll know that you’re capable of making requests when it really matters.
  3. Learn to Chill. Literally – chill. Take a cold shower and find peace in the physical discomfort. Your body is stronger than you think, and your determination is even more steely. The next time you’re faced with a physical challenge that you think you’re not ready for, remember that you could have turned off the tap, but you chose to stick it out.
  4. Remember and Resolve. Confronting someone, speaking out, and standing up for what’s right is really hard in the moment. Fight or flight instincts tell us to hang back and choose silence, but you are capable of courage. Practice finding your voice by resolving a lingering conflict that was quietly swept under the rug. Stay calm, focus on the facts, and speak your truth – you already know how that story ended, so there’s nothing to fear.
  5. Celebrate Yourself. Are you qualified for that promotion; attractive enough to make the first move; bold enough to make a positive impact in your community? Yes! Set a timer for two minutes every day and jot down as many positive, uplifting qualities about yourself as you can. When vulnerabilities and self-doubt creep in, you’ll have a list of responses on speed-dial.


Take advantage of these practice opportunities to build a stronger sense of inner faith and get ready for the big moment!

Don’t just trust us – trust yourself.

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