Affirmations & Self-Love Mottos to 'Choose Your Attitude' Throughout the Day

Affirmations & Self-Love Mottos to 'Choose Your Attitude' Throughout the Day

A lot can happen over the course of a day… don’t let negativity, overwhelm, or doubt chip away at your resolve. You have the power to make a positive impact on the world, and you will rise to meet any challenge that comes your way.

This month, we challenge you to carve out time for self-love and check in with yourself throughout the day. Stay focused and set concrete intentions with this empowering schedule of attitude affirmations:


6 AM   I rise to meet the day with untapped energy and limitless opportunity.

Start strong and remind yourself that power comes from within. It’s tempting to hit snooze, skip self-care steps in your morning routine, and brew an extra-strong cup of coffee, but those aren’t real solutions. This affirmation puts you in control to rise and thrive with authenticity.

9 AM    I am fully committed to the task at hand. Distractions melt away.

Ready to find your flow and increase productivity? Embrace what’s right in front of you and ignore the what ifs that crowd in at the edges. You can’t control what comes next and there’s no point in worrying about what came before. This moment is all that matters.

12 PM   I radiate light, warmth, and positive energy with true empathy for others.

Lunch time is the perfect opportunity to give your brain a break and shift the focus to your heart. Whether you’re eating alone, cooking a meal to share, or chatting in the break room with colleagues, remember that you are part of a community. Release the weight of negativity and consider your impact on the wider room.

3 PM   I am in control of how I react in every situation – no one else is to blame.

Everyone struggles with the afternoon slump. Fatigue, waning focus, and piling frustrations take a toll. Don’t give up and cruise on autopilot until the end of the day. Instead, use this affirmation to check in and remember what you can control. No matter how other people act or what curveballs come your way, you always have the power to control and correct your reaction.

6 PM   I am proud of my accomplishments. Every day, I become more capable.

Even if the day took a weird turn or you were disappointed by your progress, there’s always something to be proud of. Practice gratitude by acknowledging your accomplishments, no matter how small. We are always capable of learning, growing, evolving, and improving. As the day winds to a close, let’s infuse positivity into our thoughts for tomorrow.

9 PM  My journey is perfect, and I am exactly where I’m meant to be.

Speak it and believe it! You worked hard all day long to shape your outlook, stay focused, radiate love, take ownership of your actions, and practice gratitude. Now, it’s time to rest. Find peace with an affirmation that is deeply rooted in self-love and acceptance.


At Choose Your Attitude, we champion the belief that attitude is a choice within everyone’s grasp. Everyone faces challenges in life, but our attitude shapes how we approach and overcome them. This isn’t a set-it-and-forget it achievement – it’s a continual process of transformation.

Practice self-love throughout the month of February with these timely affirmations to help you get the most out of every day.

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