Podcast Episode 012 : Sober Life with Ashley Rhyner

Podcast Episode 012 : Sober Life with Ashley Rhyner

Life is a difficult journey. We of course all strive to live our best life, however, it isn't always perfect.

When we grow up, we sometimes fall into difficult choices/circumstances. In high school, I had the privilege to go to school with a beautiful human being that has been through some turbulent times.

Ashley Rhyner experienced her parents splitting, her father coming out as a gay man, and her step dad passing of cancer. As a young girl, the process was extremely difficult, and in trying to find strength in such a difficult set of circumstances, she fell into 10 years of hard drugs and alcohol.

Ashley is a prime example of why we must not look at circumstances and judge the people experiencing them, but instead, take a deeper look into their crisis, and help them heal. 

Today Ashley is three years sober, and now is a mentor for many others going through the same struggles.

It's all perspective.

Ashley’s heart and attitude for life made her the perfect guest, and she constantly inspires me to this day. 

Here's our chat. 

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