Podcast Episode 010 : Let's Talk About Racism

Podcast Episode 010 : Let's Talk About Racism

After the horrible events of George Floyd and then the protests following, I reached out to Bryce Smith, a friend of mine, to help try and create a deeper understanding of racism, and where as a white man I could/can do better.

I was taken back when he confronted me for reaching out, but as I listened to Bryce wholeheartedly, it was then made clear to me Bryce's frustration and hurt. Something I could never truly comprehend as a white male.

We had many conversations regarding current events and racism, and as our talks continued, we felt it was important to make it an episode in our podcast and share what we were unpacking, discovering, and coming to realize. 

We discuss with another guest (and friend!) Ben Valdez about breaking down the construct of racism and our current status, today. 

Here's our chat. 

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