The Book "Loving Someone Who Is Dying" Launches

 New Book “Loving Someone Who Is Dying: Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life!” Launches

 Memoir offers Positive Insight for Caregivers and Those Grieving in Challenging Times


Seattle, WA ― Life is a collection of choices and Nicholas Strand, founder of Choose Your Attitude™, has learned the power of choices firsthand. Today, Strand announced the release of his book “Loving Someone Who Is Dying: Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life!” a moving and empowering memoir inspired by his late wife, Brianna Oas Strand.


When Strand married the love of his life, he didn’t expect her to gift him with a legacy to fulfill. Brianna passed away in 2017 after battling cystic fibrosis. Even in the direst of circumstances, her positive outlook inspired Strand to see the gift of choice we are given daily. It was her motto — Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life — that became Stand’s message.


Loving Someone Who Is Dying: Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life!” is a source of inspiration and comfort for anyone facing life challenges, seeking a deeper faith in the face of difficulties, caring for a loved one battling chronic and life-threatening illness, and looking for a reason to choose happiness over helplessness.


“We all face struggles, but the key to overcoming them is using the pain as a form of strength and encouragement,” said Strand. “I want to use that little spark of hope I have to inspire others to choose their attitude, move forward, and live fully. It’s not always fair what can happen to us, but that’s life — how we choose to react is the only control we have.”


Brianna’s story, told through the eyes of her husband, is one of inspiration, hope, heartbreak and reality. Strand’s new book invites readers into the tragically short, but incredibly inspiring life of a woman who battled chronic illness yet relentlessly pursued living life to its fullest. Each page gives readers a lesson on grace and acceptance from a woman who saw life as an opportunity even in the face of a terminal medical diagnosis.


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In addition to the book, Strand has also launched an online platform and community. The Choose Your Attitude™ community inspires others to focus on what is within their control and use it to help them achieve the life they dream. The Choose Your Attitude™ podcast features real stories from real people who have struggled with real challenges. Notable guests include Deano Brown (violinist for Tim McGraw), Erin Gruwell of Freedom Writers, and comic Arvin Mitchell. Through a selection of premium clothing, wristbands and Nalgene bottles – those empowered by Stand’s message can also embrace the essence of Choose Your Attitude™ while encouraging others to do the same. To learn more about Choose Your Attitude™ visit To secure Nicholas Strand to speak at your upcoming event, contact him at


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