Embracing the Rebirth: A New Chapter with Choose Your Attitude and The Nick Strand

Life's journey is a rollercoaster of highs and lows, and as we navigate its twists and turns, we often find ourselves faced with unexpected challenges. It's during these trying moments that the true measure of our resilience comes to light, turning the sour lemons life hands us into sweet, refreshing lemonade. After a brief pause, Choose Your Attitude is back, stronger than ever, and ready to embrace what lies ahead.


Before diving into the future, heartfelt gratitude is extended to everyone who has been part of this incredible journey. The unwavering support for the brand, the book, and the individual behind it has been the driving force, keeping the flame alive during moments of pause.

At the heart of this journey lies Brianna's powerful quote, "Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life." This mantra has served as a guiding light, a reminder that even in the face of challenges, we possess the power to shape our own reality.


As a roadie facing the inconsistency of a career in a fast-paced environment and grappling with the impact of Covid, controlling every aspect of life seemed like trying to grasp at straws. The break offered a chance for reflection, revealing that setbacks were setups for something greater. The upcoming year, 2024, holds promise and potential.


The last two months off the road weren't just a break; they were a period of mental clarity and refocus. Changes have been implemented to ensure seamless travel without being bogged down by business operations. Moreover, the focus has shifted to more than just the brand; the individual behind it has become a central focus. It's not just about making things work; it's about existing and sharing personal stories that resonate with others.


Life may not always go as planned, but the new approach is a belief that "life is happening for us and not against us." Every challenge presents a lesson, and the realization has come that the work done in the past is preparation for what lies ahead.


As Choose Your Attitude makes a full comeback, expect a clean-up and cut-down of unnecessary complexities. Streamlined operations will allow for a more focused and impactful journey. The brand is not just about the external image but about sharing stories, helping others navigate their challenges, and emphasizing that life's lessons are opportunities for growth.

In the journey ahead, Choose Your Attitude is not just a brand; it's a philosophy lived and shared, a testament to the resilience found in choosing the right attitude in the face of life's uncertainties. Welcome back to the journey of self-discovery, resilience, and the power to create your own life.


Some things to look out for:

  1. The Nick Strand Personal Brand: A new chapter begins with the launch of my personal brand where I am focused on sharing the powerful message. This is the Create Your Life side of the brand, where you apply yourself. Stay tuned for the website unveiling soon with more information.
  2. Your Support Matters: As we embark on this journey anew, your support remains invaluable. Here's how you can contribute:
  1. What to look out for over the next few months:
    • Monthly Newsletters via Email: Sharing the month in review, the blogs
    • Monthly Sales: Sign up for email notifications to get emails early to drops, sales, and be in the know before anyone else on Choose Your Attitude.
    • Monthly Mental Health &  Fitness Blogs
    • New Drops
    • Social Involvement : I have lots of plans to help turn up social involvement for the brand, as well as on The Nick Strand where we will dive deeper into Mental Health and Fitness. 
    • Podcasts Coming Back SOON: As the year progresses, look out for new podcast episodes on all major platforms and video versions on YouTube.

In closing, this blog is not just a declaration of a new year; it's a testament to resilience, hope, and the unwavering spirit of Choose Your Attitude. The premium encouragement brand is not merely a tagline; it's a commitment to uplifting lives.

As we welcome a new year, let's remember: Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life.

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With renewed energy and hope,

Nick Strand

Founder & CEO, Choose Your Attitude
Keynote Speaker, Life Coach, and Fitness Coach

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