Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life! Author, Video Wall System Engineer


  • Nick shares his deeply personal experiences with traumas in his life and how simply a change in attitude can affect the outcome.
  • Nick shares how never giving up on your dreams, as anything is possible.
  • Writing his book


  • Overcoming Life’s Challenges
  • Believing in Yourself
  • Anything Is Possible

By embracing Brianna’s legacy, Nick Strand found a new journey path in life: helping to inspire others through living a full life.

From his many years of living and working in his dream career on the road by touring as a video engineer to learning to love someone battling a terminal disease to dealing with the grief of losing someone, Nick pulled himself out of darkness by sharing his story, his love for Brianna, and his success with his career. Today, he's fueled and inspired to help everyone, including you, to also live a fulfilled and prosperous life through the new organization, Choose Your Attitude.

From speaking engagements, interactive workshops, and additional resources, Nick works constantly to help others positively deal with uncontrollable struggles and make the best of them.

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