Choose Your Attitude is excited to be creating life for so many through their inspiring journey, Choose Your Attitude Create Your Life!

Our next journey is creating a video helping bring the words "Choose Your Attitude" to life. Creating a dance video, with heartfelt expression of what Choose Your Attitude means to you. To do so we need a team of dancers to help participate and create, and you were personally selected and invited to be apart of this. 

After losing his mom to Lung Cancer in Aug 2012, to his wife of 10 years to cystic fibrosis in May 2017, Nick the founder of Choose Your Attitude has created a life outside of the depression his story has created, and building a organization to help others through their life's most difficult struggles. As a touring roadie, Nick reached out to some fellow friends, as he searched for help in this project, he built a team to help dream and create. G-Madison and Keyon joined Nick, and through some collaboration created this Dance Attitude Challenge in order to create our final product of inspiration, hope, motivation bringing Choose Your Attitude to life. 


MAIN GOAL: Create a dance video, with sound bites expressing how Choose Your Attitude is interpreted through the dancers that submit content, which will be posted on @ChooseAttitudeCreateLife social network of Instagram and Facebook via a Attitude Follow Sweepstakes and via ad spend.

$250 COMPETITION PRIZE: G Madison, Keyon, and Nick will watch all videos, becoming the judges to find the dancer who provides the best content..

All the submissions will be edited into a video of dancing, and testaments about the words Choose Your Attitude. Once the video is complete, we will then take the dancing elements and bring them to life using neon animation like the video from Neonic. 




Choose Your Attitude Merch:
          -Nalgene Water Bottle
          -Wristband Set
          -CYA T-Shirt
Choose Your Attitude merch will be sent to you as soon as you confirm entry.

Credit on all posts posting the final product video:
Your instagram handle will be tagged on all posts containing the video.

Ad Spend:
The video will have Ad Spend put behind it to reach a larger audience than those within the audience Attitude Dance Sweepstakes. 

Video Release Sweepstakes Follow Campaign:
The final video will be released via a follow campaign via @ChooseAttitudeCreateLife. In addition to liking the post, sharing the post, and tagging 3 friends, the contestants will be required to go to @ChooseAttitudeCreateLife "Following" list, in which all dancers and producers involved in the video will be listed, requiring all participants to follow the list, creating a cross follow campaign for all dancers involved, helping everyone grow their following. For this to work, this post and context will be what we ask each dancer in the list to share as well within their profiles. In all these posts, we will select a number of contestants who become the winner of this campaign. 

Via a photo of you dancing in your Choose Your Attitude merch. We will then add graphics to that photo sharing your IG Username as well as a quote from your testimonial about Choose Your Attitude. These photos will be shared on @ChooseAttitudeCreateLife and with in their website sharing your testimate in how Choose Your Attitude has impacted your life.

Dance Sections will get Neon Animation Added:
Neonic a neon animator will add neon elements to your dance video to help bring your dance to another level. Something to keep in mind in your choreographed section, and to supply in your notes of the submission of the video so that we can share those notes with the animator. 

Dancer Competition Sweepstakes: $250
And then the award money. The best choreographed dance and content will be awarded $250. It will be judged and announced upon the release of the final product once everyone involved has posted the repost.


Record A 60Sec Dance routine video recorded in landscape 16x9 while framing for center square; to one of the 3 songs provided wearing your Choose Your Attitude merch. The dance should in some way help express "Choose Your Attitude" elements via your choreograph, and/or using elements of your dance or merch to help create animations in bringing out the Choose Your Attitude brand.


Sample 9

Sample 3

Sample 6_v2

Music by: @KnowleDj1
Folder of the three songs: CLICK HERE

Record a video answering 3 or more of the following questions while in your Choose Your Attitude Merch:
⭕️ Why is it important for you to consciously choose your attitude?
⭕️ How does DANCE/MUSIC/CHOREOGRAPHY help you express who you are and how you feel?
⭕️ How does wearing your Choose Your Attitude shirt help your express yourself? or make you feel?
⭕️ What are you trying to overcome in your life personally (Physically, Emotionally, or Socially)?
⭕️ What comes to mind first when you hear the phrase “Choose Your Attitude”?
⭕️ How do you feel after combating/recreating/choosing your NEW attitude?

Take a picture of you dancing with your Choose Your Attitude Merch to use for your Hero Photo.

*We will credit any photographers that needs to be credited. However they will not be included in the Follow Campaign


If you are interested, fill out the below form. Upon filling out the form, we will email you a confirmation email, to confirm the email works, and that the order information is correct. As soon as you receive that email, confirm the information. 

While waiting for your merch to arrive, plan away. Once the merch arrives, record, and send over the content. We will provide a link that allows you to upload files to make the upload as easy as possible. We will send you confirmation once we have received everything.

So excited to share Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life with so many in this world! So thankful for your participation! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Nick, G-Madison, and/or Keyon for more information.


*Please email us directly you uploaded the files that you have submitted the items. 

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