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021 : Kevin Briggs saving lives through listening and truly understanding true perspective

Part 2 of 3: In the second episode of a three part series, in continuation of episode 20, we speak to Kevin Briggs the police officer in the Golden Gate Bridge Suicide story. Unique both their names are Kevin, but Briggs was the first person to give Kevin Berthia the man about to jump off the bridge a change in listening. Briggs listened for almost 90min while Berthia shared his entire life.

To now hear this story from Briggs side is amazing. Briggs shares some of the amazing powers of listening, but more importantly understanding a person's perspective. Many see something occur and judge on the present, but they dont take into consideration of their entire life. How someone's entire life leads up to specific events. By us understanding, or trying to understand someone without putting our own narrative in the way, is what truly listening means.

As Briggs says "Why do we have to get a stage 4 cancer of the bridge for someone to finally listen" Make it about them. Not us. It isn't a competition to listen. Don't make it into one. In this episode Briggs continues with amazing suggestions in how to listen, how to understand perspective. 

020 : Kevin Berthia taking a step out of darkness into the light of our inner story

***This episode, although extremely inspiring story has the subject of suicide. If you or someone you know needs direct help, please reach out to ***National Suicide Prevention Hotline 800-273-8255 (TALK)


In 2005, Kevin Berthia was challenged to his core. His entire life buckled into this one moment. Heading to the Golden Gate Bridge, looking for just someone to ask him what he was doing, someone to listen, acknowledge... No one connecting, Kevin made it all the way to the bridge, walked to the middle, and climbed over. All he had to do was let go. All of a sudden Kevin was in control... Struggling, and about to jump Kevin heard a voice that saved his life. It was Kevin Briggs, a police officer. Briggs listened to Berthia for 90 mins unwinding his entire life to the first person in a long time to give Berthia a moment and listen. The power of perspective, the power to listen, saved Berthia's life. Today, Berthia has overtaken his challenges using inspirational speaking to help others get through their toughest battles, and share light for those scared to help someone in his situation. In the podcast you will hear Bertha's amazing story. His entire life story, and the true inspirational message behind what's kept Kevin on top of his challenges. You are destined to be inspired. Video Resources:Kevin Berthia Ted Talk
Kevin Berthia - GoalCast Video
Choose Your Attitude Podcast - YouTube Channel
YouTube Link of this Episode
Kevin Berthia@_grateful
Kevin Berthia Foundation

019 : GMADISON brings power to perspective in his wife's (@ChenelleWorld) 'INVINCIBLE' music video

GMadison is our guest in Episode 18. GMadison is a world renowned dancer, choreographer, instructor. His work has been on some of the largest stages, for example last year he finished up touring with Mariah Carey. But she's nowhere near as big as a influence to GMadison, then his wife, singer & songwriter Chenelle. Most recently they put together a beautiful, meaningful, and very inspiring piece of work, the music video for Chenelle's song INVINCIBLE. GMadison directed the video, and the video focuses on how society has grown accustomed to labeling people before anyone even understand someone's true perspective. Listens to their story. Understands how they would feel. We all have different journeys, that cause different events to become triggers. It could be anything from racial divide, to sexual harassment, and the list goes on. Everything has a different meaning to everyone else. If we stop. Listen. Understand, before we judge, or interpret, we might truly understand someone's true perspective.

In this podcast, the music video INVINCIBLE is referenced often. Below is the link to that video. Highly suggest go watch it.

@GMadison4 |
@ChenelleWorld |

018 - Marc Ginsky CF Foundation COO talks strides about making CF stand for Cure Found!

Marc Ginsky is the Cystic Foundation Chief Operating Officer. After many conversations with Nick, Marc was able to make it on the show. On this podcast we talk about the amazing research the CF Foundation is doing, the community the foundation has created, the lives its saving, and just the amazing lessons learned from working with such an amazing organization.

018:Branden McWilliams battling Cystic Fibrosis as a Ninja Warrior

Branden McWilliams has Cystic Fibrosis. He's also a Ninja Warrior. Being diagnosed at a young age, he was challenged through finding a way to stay focused away from the limitations. So instead, he broke the barriers. Now being one of only a hand of Ninja Warriors with Cystic Fibrosis, he's one of the only ones to actually get to the end button. In this podcast we also talk about the many challenges facing those with Cystic Fibrosis, from the limitations it creates to men and having kids, to the side effects of the new drug Trikafta, to just trying to manage everything around Cystic Fibrosis. You can follow Branden and his Ninja Warrior journey on instagram : @Cystic_Ninja

016 : Downhill skier Ryan McElmon talks the adrenaline of life

Today our guest is Ryan McElmon. Adrenaline junky, Mountain Biking as a hobby, but downhill skiing as competitor. Only 22 years old Ryan has had quite the experience in life. But a life full of lessons, and accomplishments. A true lesson in overcoming our fear, as we try and tackle the challenges of life. Ryan and his journey as a downhill skier really brings the idea of Choose Your Attitude to life as he explains his life in constant hunger for uncomfortable, in an attempt to conquer that next big trick. Here's our chat…

Ryan McElmon : @Ryan_McElmon

015 : A life with legacy - Another conversation with John Sardella

We are back with John Sardella in this episode. John Sardella, author of A Journey without a Map sat down with us in episode 13. After recording, we talked for another hour, and felt it was important to do another episode, but this time focus on legacy. In episode 13, we touched this topic, and it actually hit deep with John as he discussed what he wanted on his gravestone. Talking about death, and how we want to be remembered after life is tough, but it's so powerful and helpful in our journey in life. helpful to deal with life when it gets difficult, but more importantly, it helps you find a deeper meaning to your time on earth, your memories you want to create, and the legacy you truly want to leave behind. Here's our chat.

014 : HALT - JD Hasenbank talks Hunger, Anger, Loneliness, & Tiredness

HALT! In this episode I sit down with Dr JD Hasenbank, Muscle Magician, move better, hurt less. In our current situation in 2020, there has been alot to overcome mentally. In our stress, overwhelming desire to understand, John provides us with some mental exercises to help us process all that's going on, using the HALT process. Hunger, Anger, Loneliness, Tiredness. As we try and conquer the current times, here's our chat in hopes to help you process…

JD Hasenbank : @Drhasenbank

013 : A journey without a Map with John Sardella

Today, my guest is John Sardella, author of A Journey without a Map. I got the chance to read his book, and was set back by how parallel his journey was to mine. He shared his journey of walking with his wife through a 7 year battle of cancer, and the difficulties around loving someone who is dying. When we sat down to talk, we couldnt feel more comfortable in our similarities. He, as a lacrosse coach instructor, and a former principal, provides an amazing aspect to life, loving someone with a disease, and how fragile our lives are. Here's our chat.

012 : Sober Life with Ashley Rhyner 

Life is a difficult journey. We all strive to live our best life. However life isn't always perfect. When we grow up, we sometimes fall into difficult choices. In high school, I had the privilege to go to school with a beautiful human being that has been through alot. Ashley Rhyner experienced her parents splitting, her father coming out as a gay man, her step dad passing of cancer. For a young girl, the process was extremely difficult, and in trying to find strength in such a difficult set of circumstances she fell into 10 years of hard drugs and alcohol. But Ashely is the exact example of why we must not look at these things and judge the people on them, but look deeper to help them from their pain, and judge them on the deeper heart. Ashley today is 3 years sober for such a difficult, complicated world, and she now is a mentor to many others going through the same struggles. It's all perspective. As we try and live, we have different vices to help us try and cope. But Ashley’s heart, attitude is beyond one of my biggest inspirations in life, and is a prime example of our pasts should not weigh us down, they should not be hidden, but held up and embraced as a way to build and grow to that journey we all call life. Here's our chat and her beautiful story.

011 : A toast for change with Erin Gruwell

Have you heard of the term six degrees of separation? The idea is that all people are 6 people or fewer away from each other. Back in 2006 I was on a flight from Spokane Wa to Seattle Washington. Sitting next to me was a friendly lady. Like most flights, sharing your journey with the person next to you, she shared she was headed to her movie premier in Seattle. To my surprise, later the blockbuster hit Freedom Writers with lead actress Hilary Swank hit theatres. The movie is about a dedicated teacher (Hilary Swank) in a racially divided Los Angeles school with a class of at-risk teenagers deemed incapable of learning. Instead of giving up, she inspires her students to take an interest in their education and planning their future. She assigns reading material that relates to their lives and encourages them all to keep journals. Those journals not only formed a movie, but formed the Freedom Writers Foundation. Erin Gruwell, that dedicated teacher, was that amazing inspiring lady that sat next to me on that flight in 2006. Freedom Writers became a movie I adored. As Choose Your Attitude Podcast formed, and we reached out for guests, Erin Gruwell was at the top of the list. We reached out to Erin a week prior to the George Floyd protests. It was like fate set us up to connect, and discuss the current situation. Here's our chat...

Message form Erin Gruwell:
"I was humbled by Nicholas and Brianna’s tragic story of love and loss, so it was my honor to take part in the Choose Your Attitude Podcast. Brianna’s story is heartbreaking, but can act as a guide for anyone looking to create their own destiny. Nicholas’ determination to turn his pain into purpose proves that even in the face of adversity, the human spirit cannot be broken."

Erin Gruwell : @FreedomWritersFoundation

010 : A talk about racism with friends 

In this episode my guest is Bryce Smith, and Ben Vadez. Both friends. After the horrible events of George Floyd, then the protests, I reached out to Bryce to help try and create a deeper understanding of racism, and where as a white man I can do better. I was taken back when he confronted me for reaching out, but as I listened, and understood, it was clear. In our talks, we felt it was important to make it an episode in our podcast. Here's our chat as we discuss and try and break down the construct of racism and our current status…



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