Our attitude is to inspire the intimate pursuit of discovering one's true purpose,
providing a stream of continuous support and encouragement;
so that their approach to life is one of ambition.


Choose Your Attitude™ is a community that champions the belief that attitude is a choice within everyone’s grasp in the many challenges we face through life. Spurred by a series of unfortunate occurrences, Nicholas Strand, founder and owner of Choose Your Attitude™, was inspired by his late wife’s perspective on the gift of choice we are given daily, allowing us to shape our experiences to create a life we seek no matter the circumstances. Realizing the need in our community for this mindset shift, Strand launched the Choose Your Attitude™ platform as a proactive way to inspire and empower others to focus on what is within their control and use it to help them achieve the life they dream.


The Choose Your Attitude™ logo was designed with attitude of choice, and the creation of life. The idea is that we all have our own story, but not always is it perfect. Made of two hearts, connected together to create an hourglass of time. The one on the left representing our past, while the one on the right uplifting us into our future. Truly a life of strength in the inspiration of the Choose Your Attitude butterfly effect!

How Choose Your Attitude™ created a life.

Choose Your Attitude™ was featured in the
Live Event Lift Up Music Festival in Dec 2020.
Nick, Founder shared his story, helping inspire and lift up all through the amazing work of Choose Your Attitude™.

 Everyone has a story. A journey they are going through. But we all share the power to Choose Your Attitude™. After many extreme events of tragedy, Founder Nicholas Strand, took the power of legacy, and turned it into a continuous trek of inspiration and motivation, turning weight of his past, into strength for his future. 

In 2012 Nicholas lost his mother to lung cancer. In 2017 he lost his wife of 10 years, to Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic lung disease. Losing the two most influential people in his life, things become difficult. As he was challenged to continue living, in 2019 Nicholas woke up to the left side of his face paralyze. Panicked it was a stroke, relieved it was something they call bell palsy, since regaining most of his function back. It was a direct wake up call to Nick, life is so fragile, and we aren't immortal. It was then Nick went to writing. In 5 solid weeks, sunup to sundown, in Nicks laser focused ways, wrote the book Loving Someone Who Is Dying. A memoir of Brianna's superhuman strength, and the many lessons he learned from his mom's death. To the 10 years of Brianna's fight to conquer Cystic Fibrosis and live everyday to the fullest. 

Brianna was a advocate, and light in the room. She made life look easy, to only be giving her all for another day.  One thing Brianna realized, is after death, memories tend to fade. So she created a quote. That quote Nick got tattoo'd on his inner forearm. And as Nick was typing the book, he noticed that quote.

"Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life" - Brianna Oas Strand

Nick was doing just that. Taking the weight of his heavy losses, and choosing to turn it into good, it was turning things around for him, creating a whole new look at life. His energy grew, and the energy of those around him grew. Knowing that the book would be heavy, and trying to help people become more comfortable with it, he created the brand as a warm welcome into helping people become more comfortable in the uncomfortable. 

Through Brianna's clever craft, she created a legacy that lives on, and is now Nicholas's most valued mission. Nick hopes that through the brand Choose Your Attitude™, via the many lessons he's learned through his story, can help others find light in their lifes story, feel comfortable in the uncomfortable, no matter how dark the struggle. 


"My biggest fear is my unlived life"- Brianna Oas Strand

In 2007 Brianna went on the stage in front of over 3500 WA FFA Members and gave this retiring address where she leaves a inspiring message that will have written out her entire life's purpose. This event is where Nicholas and Brianna began their journey together. Nicholas as the Production Manager, Technical Director, Brianna as the 2007 Washington State FFA Officer. 


Choose Your Attitude™ is committed to continue Brianna's dream in fighting to make CF stand for CURE FOUND, so we have pledged a percentage of all sales towards the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. 



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